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    The plots below were created using data as reported by JMU’s Office of Institutional Research,  and indicate staffing trends at JMU from 2015 through 2022.

    What are we plotting? The plotted scores measure the rate at which jobs in each category have changed since 2015, relative to their numbers at that time.  A constant score of 0 indicates a static number of jobs in that category – no new positions added and none removed. As an example,  the zero score for instructional faculty in 2022 means that there are there were the same number of instructional faculty in 2015 as there are in 2022.

    The plots let us see the decline or growth rate of positions in each of the following 5 categories:

    1. tenured and tenure-track (T+TT),
    2. non-tenured,
    3. adjunct faculty,
    4. total instructional faculty (1+2+3)
    5. administrative and professional faculty (A&P),

    relative to the number of positions in each category in 2015. Here are a few more plots which break down the categories (tenure-line, non-tenured, and adjunct) within instructional faculty.

    What can we see in this data? The 2022 A&P score reflects the 25% increase in A&P positions since 2015, and the 2022 score for tenure-line faculty reflects that the number of tenure and tenure-track faculty positions hasn’t changed much, all as compared to the number of folks in these same categories back in 2015. The 2022 score for tenure track faculty positions of -24% reflects the reality that the number of pre-tenure faculty have dropped by a quarter from the 208 reported pre-tenure faculty in 2015 to 159 in 2022.

    And just for fun, an exponential fit of the A&P data suggests a doubling time of about 22 years. 🙂

    What are you thoughts? Please talk with your colleagues and feel free to comment below.

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