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    What do you want to talk about?

    Please use this space to start a new “Open Topic” or contribute to an existing “Open Topic” community conversation. If one or more conversations need more room, we should be able to split them off so each can thrive and have a life of its own.

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    Why doesn’t the JMU AAUP push for something like this, from the California State University Faculty for Academic Freedom (CSUFAF), a non-partisan, politically diverse group:

    We propose the following actions to promote, defend, and practice academic freedom throughout the CSU.

    1. Establish a formal systemwide academic freedom committee for the CSU and corresponding committees on every CSU campus where one does not currently exist.

    2. Lobby the CSU system and each campus to formally adopt the Chicago Principles and/or publicly reaffirm existing commitments to academic freedom, free inquiry, and open debate.

    3. Lobby the Chancellor, campus presidents, provosts, deans to express public, written support for academic freedom and for the importance of viewpoint diversity and constructive disagreement towards the maintenance of an intellectually healthy university campus.

    4. Provide networking assistance and encouragement to faculty members, students, staff, and adminstrators who wish to practive and promote academic freedom and intellectual tolerance.

    5. Promote academic freedom through curricular programs and events to ensure that a variety of ideas are included on campuses.

    6. Add viewpoint diversity as a valued category in systemwide and campus-based DEI policies.

    7. Provide advice and resources to faculty members who believe they have been subjected to unfair or uncollegial action due to holding heterodox opinions, or who have witnessed inappropriate adminstrative practices.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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