We are stronger together

While we can not call you an official member of AAUP@JMU unless you are a dues paying member of AAUP national, it is easy to join AAUP@JMU as a friend, a non-official member. Joining AAUP@JMU is confidential, and all that you need to do to be considered a friend of AAUP@JMU is to send us an email at with your preferred email (non-JMU) and say you would like to become a friend of AAUP@JMU, or let us know if we should consider you a member.

We also ask that you to consider making a $10 annual donation to support the work of our AAUP@JMU chapter for the year. If you do choose to donate, you will be supporting our chapter’s work: website, printing flyers, organizing social events, FOIA costs, etc…

We very much appreciate a donation to AAUP@JMU in any amount!  You can use PayPal or Venmo and send to, or you can drop off or mail a check to the AAUP@JMU Treasurer at MSC 1802. Your donation can be consider “giving money to a friend.” If you have any questions or want to contact our treasurer you can use the email address above.