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    The Faculty Senate “Resolution Regarding Transparency and Accountability of A&P Appointments within the Division of Academic Affairs” catalogs several instances of non-transparent and intimidating practices in relation to a recent A&P search process. This resolution was introduced in the January Faculty Senate meeting and is eligible for debate, amendment, and possible vote during their February meeting.

    The issues as reported in the resolution include:

    1. A failure of the provost’s office to provide any evidence to justify the dispensing of all qualitative faculty feedback that had been collected about the candidates.
    2. A mishandling by the provost of a perceived conflict of interest related to the search committee.
    3. Concerns of favoritism and unfairness to the other (external) candidates.
    4. Concerns of retaliation for the faculty member elevating the perceived conflict of interest concern.
    5. A failure to provide a search committee summary report to stakeholders invested in the search.

    Please read the proposed resolution by clicking on the link above, speak with your faculty senator and other colleagues, and feel free to participate in an open discussion here.

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    At the faculty senate meeting last night the provost defended every single one of these points, and she said that resolutions should not be focused on events in the past, and she made other claims about “rules” for presenting resolutions in the Faculty Senate that the Marshall immediately pointed out as false. I was personally very bothered that the Provost would create this confusion and doubt as to how resolutions work, just to strengthen her case. He stance seems to be against the freedom of speech for one, and attempts to pervert the process of the Faculty Senate. It also doesn’t really help her argument that she is not trying to intimidate faculty

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    The Provost’s remarks served as a means of infantilization of faculty. The constant chiding, chastising, and supposed disabusing faculty of their childlike understandings is unbecoming of an academic leader (or anyone, for that matter).

    It is so true, as mentioned here, that the Provost does not appear to help her case. She bullies, intimidates, and disciplines. Then, she invites us back into an intimate conversations (my door is always open) only after we are sufficiently suppliant.


    Update: In a special session held on March 2, 2023, a lightly amended version of this resolution passed, with a vote of 39 for and 3 against.

    You might be interested in reading the March 4 Breeze article if you missed the meeting, or are curious about the amendments and remarks from the Provost.

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